Join the Collective



Keep all of the rights to your images!

Any photos you submit to us, whether we select them or not, you keep the rights to. If we do not select your images, we delete them and do not use them whatsoever. If we do select them to be part of our collections, you still own the images 100%. We will never use them for anything else, such as marketing or advertising, without requesting your approval first, and negotiating a fair price for it's additional use. They are your images, you can do whatever you like with them.


Impressive shots & incredible stories!

Submit your best images! You can submit a set of 3, 5 or 10 images. Each image must include a background story, or background information as well as the GPS location of where the image was taken. This information can come from sources such as Wikipedia, or other sources. Do not just copy and paste; create a compelling story which will make the viewer truly think about what they are seeing.



Show the world what you've created!

Our goal is to provide artists with the necessary exposure to build a name for themselves, with physical art, in front of real people. Not just on the internet. At the same time, getting paid for this exposure (not paying for it), and potentially selling art, with no effort required. 


Support yourself!

We want all of our artists to find a path to making a career out of art, something which is difficult in this day and age. The art which we send to our subscribers throughout the world is for sale, and you get to set the price for your art! When your art sells, you get paid (minus our costs, which we let you know about when you set your price)!



We print our photographs on an aluminium using a "dye-sublimation" process! And we print HUGE, up to 5 ft. wide! The images come out beautiful, with an incredible 3d effect. It's like looking through a window into another world! This requires us to have high standards for image quality. No, you do not need a $30,000 100PM full frame camera, $10,000 lens, and a brand new MacBook Pro to create great images!


Creativity & technique are much more important, and an entry level DSLR used properly will go a long way! Reducing motion blur with a solid tripod or proper camera settings, proper noise reduction, sharpening, and post-production can are some of the keys!  


We have no limits or restrictions on how you post-process your images. You are an artist and are creating art, so create it in your vision. When we review submissions. the sets that make our jaws drop with complimentary background information which teaches us something new about the world, are the ones we select.



Submit a set of 5 images. They may be of the same type, such as "History", "People", "Long Exposure", etc, or random images. You must be the one who captured the image (we may ask for proof just to be sure)! Each image must have a 400 word minimum description as well as the location where it was taken - which adds context to the image. 


When we are ready to add more photographers to the collective, we will review all submissions and select those who we feel best fits what we are looking for. This criteria includes image creativity, context, and image quality. Those selected will receive an invite via email. Once confirmed, each member will receive a [email protected] email address, a biographical page on the site, 100 personal business cards, and will receive a brainwork! art swag bag!


Every member of the brainwork! art collective gets to set their own prices for their art. We will give you our cost for producing the print, which includes printing, shipping, and other costs, and you get to decide what you would like the final price shown to the customer will be. Every penny above our costs will be sent to you once the purchase is complete.

When someone sees your art and wants to purchase it, whether it was already hanging in their house or hanging in a restaurant they were eating at, we take care of everything - printing, quality control, shipping, customer service, payments, etc! No work required on your end; just get paid. It couldn't be any simpler!


Once you have accepted the invite and set your prices, your photos will be added to our website and we will print a test set to ensure quality. Once the prints pass quality control, it is added to our collection, and will enter the rotation of prints that we send out!