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All of the prints you receive are for sale. If your clients, customers or employees want to purchase one, or subscribe to brainwork! art themselves, you get paid! Rent is always too damn high, and we know any additional revenue streams are always welcome; one that takes up no space while enhancing your space is a win-win-win!



Our metal prints are created with a process called "dye sublimation". The ink is literally embedded into a sheet of aluminium! It can withstand any environment! Sunlight, high humidity, hot, cold, indoors or out! You can even put out a cigarette on them and wipe away the ashes, with no effect! *Smoking not recommended! Put it anywhere and enhance the space!





Sitting in a waiting room can be boring. Especially in a boring waiting room. Enhance your spaces, give those waiting something to think about, talk about, and something new for them to see every time they stop by! They might even look forward to waiting around or stopping by to see what's new!


Hot Swap

We send you art in the same exact size as the previous art. Pull off the old, put up the new! The old art goes in the same box the new ones came in! No new holes in the wall, no hassles!

Fine Art Metal Prints

No need to be a millionaire art collector anymore. We send you the finest quality, fine art metal prints! Exactly as you see in those fancy art galleries!

Window to a New World

Our photos come in sizes of BIG or BIGGER; and our photos are meant to be viewed HUGE! Truly a window to a new world in your home or business!

Context is Key

We tell you exactly where our images were taken, and provide background information. Enjoy beautiful art AND learn something new!

Love it? Buy it!

Every piece of art you receive is for sale! The price is set by the actual artist who created it, and the proceeds of the sale goes to them (minus our costs)! Be a direct supporter the arts! 

Like a Box of Chocolate

Like a box of chocolate, every new delivery of art is a surprise! You never know what you're gonna get! (But you can tell us what type of photos you'd like.)

Add Your Touch

We encourage you to add your thoughts on the art work on the back! Take a sharpie and add some graffiti of your own (and see what others have added), before it gets sent off to someone else somewhere in the world!

Work Your Brain

Your office, dining room, waiting room, living room, or showroom may not change frequently, but it doesn't have to be monotonous. Every 60 days, get a handful of new stories, conversation starters, and things to think about. Exercise your mind, it's healthy!